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It’s unpleasant if your home becomes infested with a problem pest, and can even be hazardous to your family’s health.

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All employers have a legal responsibility and duty of care for any
premises where people are situated or employed. This includes
the need for pest removal and prevention.


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Based in East London, we are able to respond quickly to your vermin and insect issues. We offer emergency call-outs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if required offering clients superb service and value for rodent removal.

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The methods we use are effective, humane whilst also minimizing the impact on the environment.

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Our trained staff are accredited by the BPCA and the Royal Society for Public Health.

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We use the latest insecticides and treatments in compliance with the latest government regulations.

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We provide you with all the preventative measures you require including proofing.

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We are a local independent business, and can fit around your needs, covering evenings and weekend.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services

What types of vermin do you handle?

People most often call us to help with the most common types of household pests; Rats, Mice, Bedbugs, Fleas, Cockroaches, Moths, Ants, Wasps and so forth. We’re capable of dealing with all types of rodents and insects found in residential and commercial properties.

What’s your response time?

Our goal is always to respond to our customers’ needs as quickly as we can, and we can typically respond within 4 hours. Our performance does vary based on the number of customers we have at any one time.

Do I have to be present when you come?

You don’t have to be on the premises if you’re calling us in to deal with an outdoor problem, like a wasp nest in your back garden. If you have a pest problem inside your home, then our technician must be met by a member of the household. This is a necessity to explain any Health & Safety issues.

Am I supposed to be seeing dead bugs in the days after you’ve applied your pest treatment? Do I have a more serious infestation to worry about?

Many treatments do cause dead bugs to show up for an extended period after we have applied them. This is normal, and it indicates that the treatment is doing its job.

Do we have to leave our home while you treat it? How do your treatments affect pets?

None of our treatments require you to leave the home. You do NOT need to leave. Household pets need to be kept away from treated surfaces, but only while those surfaces are drying. Once they’re dry they’re entirely safe. This should happen rapidly, but the best policy is to keep pets off treated surfaces for at least one to two hours. Aquariums and fish bowls should be covered when insecticides are applied.

For most household uses, pesticides perform effectively at very low concentrations. Most sprays and liquids are less than one percent active pesticide by volume. This is more than powerful enough to kill insects, but far too diluted to expose humans or household animals to any undue risk. We follow (and provide) all the necessary safety instructions to keep risk to an absolute minimum.

When used to treat home pest infections, treatments are typically dispensed with a droplet size that does not linger in the air for any great length of time. The chance of breathing in pesticide is minimal. Treated surfaces become entirely safe as soon as they are dry, and this happens quickly. The dry residue left behind is lethal to insects but harmless to people. Even the residue wears away after a period of time – typically just long enough for household bugs to come in contact with it.

For further general advice on pesticides, please consult the Environmental Protection Agency’s informative website on the topic:

What qualities make your pest extermination firm trustworthy?

Envirosafe pest management is a professional organisation you can trust. The key factors that make this true are:

* We maintain full accreditation through CONSTRUCTION LINE and CHAS. This means we follow stringent guidelines for good practice and comply with all current regulations.

* Customer satisfaction is our first priority. We do not consider our job finished until we’ve solved your pest problem.

* We provide comprehensive pest control services. We can analyse your situation, develop an effective treatment plan based on what we uncover, execute that plan, and monitor your property on an ongoing basis to ensure continued freedom from pests.

I spend plenty of time making sure my house stays clean. Why do I still have bugs?

The key elements that all pests desire – food, shelter, and water – are available in every home. Multiple pest species like rats and cockroaches are capable of traveling great distances and fitting through the smallest of openings in order to find these required conditions. This process isn’t affected by the cleanliness of your home; vermin come from the environment at large.

The best policy is to let a trained professional survey your home for pest activity. If you’d like to put an experienced, highly-trained Envirosafe specialist to the test then give us a call. Our specialist will be able to identify the key risk factors in your home that are attracting bugs.

What pesticides do you use? Is it different for indoor and outdoor treatments? How often does it need to be redone? Can pesticide residue get picked up on clothes and then transferred to other surfaces (like my furniture)?

Envirosafe uses a variety of different pesticides to ensure that your problem is resolved efficiently and completely. All pesticides in our inventory come with extensive instructions on safe, proper usage, and our specialists follow theses instructions precisely whenever they use them. Following safety instructions and providing you and your family with all of the safety information you need is always our first priority. This keeps your family, our specialists, and the environment safe from harm.

Our pesticides do not accumulate on clothes or transfer elsewhere as long as you follow the instructions we provide regarding safety and home reentry.

Our specialists have the necessary training to identify situations that will be found attractive to unwanted guests. They can inspect your home or business, find the problem areas, and recommend steps you can take to stop the spread of pests in the future.

I’m pregnant. Do I need to take special precautions to stay safe when you spray pesticides? Should I leave my home? If so, for how long?

Expectant mothers and parents with younger children are often especially concerned about safety when pest control treatments involve spraying pesticides. Treatments can be customised to reflect the specialised needs and sensitivities of your family members without compromising their effectiveness.

We always customise our treatments to ensure that we solve your problem without exposing any individuals, household animals, or property to danger. We use multiple formulations of insecticide, with each one being designed for a specific situation.

Our specialists will consult with you thoroughly before planning out any treatment, and you can work together with them to factor in special considerations like your pregnancy. In the unlikely event that a treatment makes it necessary for you to vacate the home, we’ll let you know how long you need to stay away and what you should do when you come back.

Although most liquid pesticides leave behind minimal smells that do not tend to linger for long, pregnant women often experience enhanced sensitivity to chemical scents. You may wish to leave your home for your own comfort until the odour dissipates completely. Your specialist can tell you exactly how long this will be. The same precaution may be wise for small children and infants. Note that distinctive chemical smells from pesticide formulas typically come from the solvents used rather than the active insecticide – most of those are completely odourless.

Bear in mind that our policy is to always tailor the treatment to the needs of your specific situation. We follow manufacturer’s protocols and industry safety standards at all times. In the vast majority of cases, treatment involves applying products in small volumes to relatively inaccessible areas that are seldom frequented by people or pets.

The lion’s share of Envirosafe’s  day to day business is identifying conditions that are likely to attract unwanted bugs. Our specialists can help you find these conditions and show you what measures you can take to correct them, making your home less attractive to vermin.

What’s the difference between residual and non-residual pesticide?

A residual pesticide is one that remains potent for some period after they’re applied. The period in question is influenced by a number of factors: formulation of the product (dust vs. liquid), surface material (brick, wood, dirt, etc.), and local conditions (dampness, grease, etc.). Non-residual insecticide, in contrast, has no ongoing effect after treatment is complete.

Pyrethrum, a natural botanical pesticide that’s used as the active component in a lot of non-residual insecticide formulations. The commercial-grade aerosol sprays you might use to kill crawling and flying insects are another example of non-residual insecticides. Another term for this form of pesticide is “contact insecticide.”

Our family has a newborn. Is it safe to spray for bugs, or should we leave for some time?

The final answer to this question will depend on the exact products your specialist decides to use, but it may be best to vacate your home for a few hours in order to avoid any possibility of harm.

Household pest management products are designed to work with low concentrations of active pesticides. They are further tailored for application to specific parts of the home, designed to minimise the amount of residue left behind.

The baits used to kill cockroaches and ants are either placed in inaccessible areas like cracks and crevices or deployed in bait stations which make them inaccessible to children.

Any insecticide intended for use on exposed surfaces has specific safety directions intended to minimise human risk. People, including children, should avoid contact with treated surfaces until they’re dry.

"Brilliant service from Envirosafe. They came out the same day, were really friendly and gave lots of advice. The mice had gone from my kitchen within three days. It was a very good price and I can call back if I want any information 24 hours. I liked not having a marked van outside my house!"

− H Jenkins

"Steve working with you was a real pleasure. Its not easy to find local tradespeople that do what they say they are going to do but you went above and beyond. Not only did you perform a professional service, you communicated with us every step of the way and left our premises clean and tidy."

− Susan Jones, Production Coordinator

"Just a note to say how delighted I am with the work Steve carried out for me. The work from start to finish was first class & was carried out in a friendly, tidy, professional manner, I would definitely recommend him to anyone."

− F Short, Dover

"Just a thank you for the work today - Only a small job I know but as stated on the website there were no hidden charges your service was excellent and we will definitely be recommending your company to friends."

− Mr A Charles - Dartford Kent

"I just wanted to drop you guys a quick note to thank you for your brilliant service, the price quoted was the best we'd had and it was a pleasure to have you working on my property. I will definately use you again and tell my friends and family about you."

− Mr D Mortimer - Thurrock Essex

"I want to thank you for a job well done. I'll admit to being a little cynical at times when it comes to companies claims but you delivered on everything you promised."

− Miss J Harris - Walderslade Kent