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About East London

By 6, June 2016 East London No Comments

East London is an area that is brimming with sights, sounds and an abundance of culture. Boasting an exciting nightlife, delicious curry houses and an artistic setting, it is undoubtedly one of the trendiest parts of the entire city.


This was once famous for being the city Jack the Ripper terrorised in the 19th century. It is currently a city that is shared by the Bangladeshi community and countless artists.

The place where this is most evident is along Brick Lane, which is always teeming with the fantastic smells from the myriad of local eateries. Backpackers who occupy some of the hostels in the area frequent these restaurants in order to sample the delectable, affordable cuisine. As there is so much competition amongst the different curry houses, haggling can result in a reduced food bill and/or an offer of free beverages. If you continue down Brick Lane, you will come upon trendy nightclubs and bars that are filled with many styles of music. This area is famous for North African cafes that serve the best shisha and mint tea in the world. In addition, there is also an iconic place that is famous for its bagels.


This area is not very far from Old Street and it offers visitors the opportunity to visit a wide range of clubs and bars. There are many great restaurants in the area that serve organic fare and anything else your heart may possibly desire. All of the creative, young people in the area can be found relaxing in Hoxton Square during the warmer months. The White Cube art gallery, which offers free admission, is home to a thriving movement that consists of young, British artists.

East London Markets

There are a large number of markets in East London that sell everything from random treasures to delightful knickknacks. They operate early Sunday until 2pm.

Stalls at the market in Spitalfields is bustling every day except Saturday; Sunday is generally the day that attracts the largest crowds. This is the perfect destination for budget-minded travelers that are looking to stay abreast of current fashions.

The roofed market stands at the same site where stalls were introduced in 1682. People head there to purchase clothing, food, home goods and other items.

Greenwich is another trendy neighborhood that is situated in East London. There is a popular market held there each Wednesday and Saturday. A day that begins there can include a leisurely stroll through Greenwich Park and conclude at the Maritime Museum, which offers free admission to all.