Pest Removal and Treatment Services in Croydon

Map of Croydon-2Are you looking for a pest eradication company with experience in the Croydon area? Then look no further than Envirosafe.

As a company, Envirosafe have many years of pest eradication experience and serve specific areas of London, such as Croydon. When it comes to eradicating those unwanted pests, then no pest is too large or too small for our dedicated and friendly team of specialists. If you have a pest problem and you would like advice from knowledgable and experienced professionals, then please get in touch with us today.

Did you know that 80 out of 1,000 properties in London have a large pest infestation problem? BPCA has conducted numerous studies and found that there are three factors associated with infestations, these include – the population density of the area, the number of high-rise flats the four major airports that are located nearby.

Although the odds are staggering, your Croydon home can become pest free. This is done by keeping your home neat and clean and using preventative measures offered by a pest management specialist. Our team of specialists will work hard to discover exactly how pests are entering your home and work to quickly and efficiently to stop them. Total eradication is almost impossible without first treating the cause.

Our team of professionals are there for you, no matter the size of your problem. We understand that fast eradication is essential to your health and is the key to success. As soon as you notice you have an issue, contact us at once as a pest problem can quickly escalate and can affect both your mental and physical health.

Our dedicated team members will quickly determine how the pests are entering into your home and then will remove your unwanted guests so that you can get your life back on track as quickly as possible.

Additionally, if you are located outside of Croydon, then please give us a call, we can also help you.

Our Services

We offer a large range of pest eradication services for both residential and commercial customers in the Croydon area.

Expert Solutions for All of Your Pest Management Needs

Envirosafe offers reliable services for both residential and commercial customers. Our team of pest specialists are friendly, polite and professional. We offer a number of vermin control solutions to eradicate and prevent pests from entering your home or office. We service a wide range of clients, including homeowners, warehouse owners, pubs owners, restaurants owners, shops owners and more.

Our Treatment Options

We offer a variety of treatment options. We can provide on request a 24-hour emergency call program. This ensures a rapid response when you need us. We offer service contracts as well as eradication services. We have highly qualified specialists available for you 365 days a year. Once we have determined a eradication and prevention plan, we will give you a detailed written report that explains the pesticides used and any measures to prevent future infestations from occurring. We will also include advice and recommendations on the need for service contracts and things you can do to prevent future infestations. Finally, all of our treatments comply with COSSH and the current legislation concerning the health and safety of our customers.

Liability Insurance

Our company carries full liability insurance to protect our customers. This insurance can help your peace of mind when our technicians enter your home or business. Our company prides itself on a high level of customer service, integrity and commitment. We aim to ensure that every one of our customers are happy with the services we provide.

Whether you have a wasp problem, a rat problem or any other type of pest or rodent problem, we are here for you. We offer custom tailored solutions to solve your issues. Each member of our staff is curteous, profession and honest. Let us help with your pest issues so you can go back to enjoying your life.