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Pest Infestation Report for East London

By 6, June 2016 Pest Control No Comments

There are many interesting and wonderful parts of London as well as the bustling vibrant City. Of course, those same charming places are also home to pests such as moths, pigeons, bed bugs, and rats.

The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) recently issued a new report illustrating that some boroughs in London top the list for infestations in the UK.

In 2010-11, there were 700,000 callouts in the UK alone for pest controllers. Over the course of that year, 8% of those calls came from Tower Hamlets, making them area with most calls in the nation. For each square kilometer in this very small area, there were an average of 902 requests.

However, the problem extends past London. Many callouts came from the South East including Essex or Hertfordshire counties. In fact, the region had far more requests for pest removal than any other. A total of 42% of all calls were for rats in the country. Problems with wasps and mice, with 23% and 18% respectively, were also widely spread across the country.

It’s the shiny skyscrapers that rise above the docks that are most commonly associated with Tower Hamlets. However, the East End’s population has always been dense. Keep in mind that whenever there are people, there are always pests, so its no surprise that pest controllers in East London are kept extremely busy.

Food is readily available in London which creates a large problem when it comes to pests. Seagulls flock to playgrounds and pigeons congregate in cities because food is so abundant. The food scraps that litter the city have drawn these birds from their rocky cliff top natural habitats and allowed them to adapt to life in the city. For the same reason, urban foxes and rats have high populations in cities around the world. Bin bags are torn open by foxes which attract other pests into the area.

Food is available in abundance for insects in the city as well, although it may not seem very savory to humans. For example, clothes moths are quite troublesome. We would guess that no one reading this article would want to eat a cardigan made of cashmere. However, silk, wool, and other natural fibres are the treat of choice for clothes moth larvae. These insects love nothing better than to find old clothes or carpets left undisturbed in dark corners.

Another problem insect are bed bugs. London boroughs captured nine of the top ten spots for bed bug calls in the UK and with more than 2,000 cases, Tower Hamlets came in at number one. They are difficult to locate, even though they feed on human blood.

Maybe because the problem is so big in these areas, the South East, Herts, and London also have a higher count of pest management companies in the country. In a recent BCPA report, there is one thing that truly stands out. All of the callers asked pest professionals for help to solve their problems. If you suspect you may have pest issues, don’t delay in contacting us today.