Problems with squirrels in your home or business premises? We can help you with safe and efficient squirrel deterrent and control.

The grey squirrel seems to be quite happy to set up home within a domestic loft, making use of the insulation to build their dry (nest) and rear their offspring. Squirrels are very territorial animals. Once they have become established within your property, without pest control and squirrel deterrent they will return every season.

Signs of Squirrels

You might not realise that you have squirrels until your lights suddenly go out. Often it is the sound which alerts people when they hear them scrabbling about in the early hours of the morning. They often nest in lofts and attics so the noises are most frequently from above. Other signs are the sight or smell of droppings. Sometimes the droppings are mistaken for those of rats. They often carry fleas which they may pass to pets and domestic animals.

Squirrel Pest Control

Typically there is just one way to get rid of squirrels and that is to put them down as kindly as possible. You cannot legally trap a squirrel. Removal is also unlikely to succeed as their territorial nature means they would soon return. We install specialist traps to rid your home of squirrels, then advise you about any proofing which needs to be carried out as a future squirrel deterrent. We can also carry out the squirrel-proofing for you if required.

About Squirrels

Grey squirrel (Sciurus griseus) teeth grow 50mm per year so they are continually gnawing. In your loft, they will cause considerable damage and even danger, by gnawing through electric cables, wooden rafters, etc. They may produce up to four young twice a year between the months of September and May.

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