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The Greater London Borough of Bromley

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Envirosafe pest control are based in Bromley, Kent. So we thought we’d a little bit of information on this area.

Outer London or Greater London is the city’s largest borough. It is apportioned to the southeast of London, right in line with the Prime Meridian. While it may sound quaint, it is quite expansive with an area totaling 153 square-kilometres. That is the equivalent of 59 square-miles.

What many may not realise is that a good portion of the green belt comprises of Greater London. Most of the populated portions of the borough are in its western and northern regions. Meanwhile, the southern portion has an outlier. Even with the green belt taking up such a large portion of Greater London, there are counties and towns such as Bromley surrounding it to the south, north, east, and west.

Along the northern border lies Greenwich, Lewisham, and Bexley. To the northwest lie both Lambeth and Southwark. The boroughs of Bromley and Croydon sit to the west, with both the south and also the eastern borders sharing with Surrey and Kent. The northernmost aspect is in Greater London, which is Western Heights. Western Heights sits atop the area standing 245 metres above sea level. This area, Western Heights, sits along the south boundary.

When was Bromley first Chartered?

The area known as Bromley, Kent was first chartered in 1158 as a market town.

At first Bromley was the site of the Municipal Borough of Bromley, the Municipal Burough of Beckenham, and the urban district of Penge. In addition, it also included Orpington Urban District, and even Chislehurst. Kent relinquished Sidcup and Chislehurst Districts to Greater London as well.

The Bromley Borough is actually split into two parts. For the most part it is both rural and urban. The northern side is urban and has a heavy dense population.

There are 22 wards to the London Borough with 3 political parties: the Conservatives, the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats.

Bromley’s population topped 8,000 back in 1801. At that time civil parishes made up the area. By the 20th century it hit a population of 17, 000. Larger settlements evolved there as the area started to become ripe with development. The introduction of trains also bolstered it’s growth.

In short, the London Borough of Bromley has evolved with time. At this point it is a large expanse made up of both urban and rural areas.