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What is Green Pest Control?

One of the newer forms of pest control is known as green pest control and it uses documentation and regular monitoring to decide if treatment is needed. This type of pest control uses a number of strategies that help to remove unwanted pests that may harm your family and property. While green pest control is safe it does not take away the pesticide aspect. What it does do is remove the harmful side effects that are generally associated with it. In order to reduce the risk of pesticides and get the best results, there are five steps that should be followed. One of the first is a thorough inspection of the property. Next, a proper diagnosis needs to be formed. The third step involves the correct solution to be applied. We currently offer a green pest management services in the Bromley, Kent area.

Understanding The Inspection Process

The inspection part of the process involves questioning the consumer and looking over the property to better understand the pest. The inspection of the property includes looking for areas that are exposed to excessive amounts of heat, moisture, and darkness. In addition, areas that are generally used by pests to find food and water will be inspected for evidence of an infestation. Once the inspection has been completed, your professional will indicate what methods need to be implemented next.

Understanding The Diagnosis

This stage includes understanding what type of pest is the cause of your concern. Many times evidence will be found like cast skins and droppings which help to lead to an easy conclusion. Once the pest has been identified the prescription stage is ready to begin.

Understanding The Prescription Process

This stage of the process entails finding a solution to effectively correct and control the pest issue on the property. This can only be successfully done after an inspection has been completed. At this stage, the underlying pest problem will be identified.

There are a number of techniques which may be instructed and include better housekeeping and the use of pesticides. Many individuals do not realise how important housekeeping is when dealing with any type of pest infestation. If this recommendation is not followed, pests can easily reclaim the property. That is why good housekeeping needs to be an essential part of this five-step process.

One of the main components during the prescription phase is the use of pesticides. In addition, baits can also be used as a form of eliminating pests from your Bromley property. These baits will be used in a way that it will not harm pets or local wildlife and birds.

Understanding The Application Process

During this phase whatever solution was recommended will be carried out in the safest way possible. If the prescription phase was a success, so too will the application be.

Understanding The Evaluation Process

A proper evaluation needs to be completed after the application process to ensure that the five step program have either eliminated or reduced the overall pest problem. At this stage, you will be given proper documentation of pest that were found on the location as well as the results of the process.

Green pest service is one of the safest and simple forms of pest elimination. It is also one of the most common sense solutions. This revolutionary five-step approach is the best way to keep pests from infiltrating your property.